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Consulting Services for Regulatory Requirements in Washington, DC 

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To help you fully understand the Davis-Bacon Act, Pride Consulting offers compliance training. We go to work sites to train construction contractors and subcontractors on the laws and requirements.
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Let us ensure you are maintaining regulatory compliance for apprenticeships and employment standards for workforce regulations. We review all documentation and update you on law changes.
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Keep your employees happy and your company safe from income withholdings by adhering to the prevailing wage requirements. Our consultants help government contractors comply with this law.

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Pride Consulting in Washington, DC, offers government compliance consulting services to construction contractors and government entities.  We also provide your construction company with updates on law changes that affect your current or future projects. Jamell Thrower founded our consulting firm to minimize the amount of violations for DC and Davis-Bacon projects.

With more than 15 years of experience, our founder is the former head of the compliance office for the DC area and now assists contractors in meeting regulatory requirements. As the former chief decision maker on compliance standards in DC, he is able to ensure your contractors, and subcontractors are complying with the most updated standards and requirements for construction projects.

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