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Prevailing Wage Compliance for Government Contractors

Pride Consulting helps government contractors understand and comply with prevailing wage requirements for Washington, DC, and surrounding areas. We keep you up-to-date on the current standards and make sure you are always in compliance.

Prevailing Wage Compliance
To ensure your cash flow is not held up due to having issues with Davis-Bacon Compliance, we review all of the required documents and explain where the possible problems exist. Our consultants help you make any corrective action, if needed, and update you on changes to the law. The Davis-Bacon Act primarily applies to government contractors and subcontractors performing construction related work.

We specialize in serving small to mid-size companies that contract with the government. This act requires that certain wages and benefits are paid to employees that work for companies that perform any construction, government public works, or utility building work. Requirements are also upheld for any company providing services of repair for the government, including federally assisted contracts.


When you have a compliance problem, the government withholds all of your money and causes a negative impact on your business. Our consultants save you time and money by assuring that you are paid in a timely manner and are in compliance to eliminate any potential fines. We stop you from making simple mistakes that may start out as something small but eventually may lead to thousands of dollars in fines and attorney fees.

Contact our consultants to review your prevailing wage practices and ensure you are in compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act.