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Successfully Maintaining Regulatory Compliance & Employment Standards


Rely on Pride Consulting to help you understand regulatory compliance and employment standards for construction projects within Washington, DC. We work with you on apprenticeships and workforce compliance to ensure you are maintaining the required standards.

Apprenticeship Compliance
When you are a contractor or subcontractor performing work on any DC assisted project, we help you understand the apprenticeship system. Discover your requirements as a sponsor according to the district’s mandatory apprenticeship compliance DC law 2-156.

You receive all of the required documentation, including registration forms, curriculums, and apprenticeship standards. We review the documents and law updates with you so you are able to maintain compliance and avoid any fines.

Workforce Residential Requirement Compliance
Let us help you determine if you qualify to file for any exemptions of monetary fines. Any time you are performing work or servicing goods of $300,000 or more to the district, you must be in Workforce Residential Requirement Compliance. This requirement applies to all contracts in DC.

Contact us to ensure you are maintaining regulatory compliance for apprenticeships and employment standards.